Smart Phones are Now Harming Your Business and Here's Why

behaviours c.e.x Jul 02, 2018

Is it me or have service standards been dumbed down by the smartness of phones? Everywhere I turn it seems, there are people on their phones catching a quick look at their most recent notification or posting?

In restaurants, shops,  garages, petrol stations, newsagents, hospitals.


And everyone who owns a device has done it. You are guilty too!

In the last week alone I've witnessed the following examples of people on their phones whilst 'working'.

  • An airport security officer while screening passengers hand luggage.
  • A shop assistance while checking out a customer at the cash register.
  • A forecourt attendant at a petrol station at the payment point.
  • A waiter in a restaurant checking his phone in between trips to the kitchen to serve customers.
  • A shop assistant standing in the doorway of her shop as customers entered and left.
  • Employees checking phone status during meetings.
  • Course participants checking email during a course.
  • A hotel receptionist checking...
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The Most Powerful Activity you Can Use to Demonstrate Shared Vision

A few years ago, I met with the MD of John Lewis's flagship store on Oxford Street, London. Sales were slipping and the store was lacking in other key areas including the customer experience. My partner and I were invited to the store to discuss ways to shake things up across the business and to lead some workshops for management and store partners (the term they use for employees). In his words "I need to reinvigorate the store!" It was the perfect word to describe what was needed.

Reinvigorating Your Business

Reinvigorate. It sounds powerful, earthy and energetic. It's not a word you often hear used in business nowadays but it's the perfect antidote to a business that is failing or underperforming.

When you re-invigorate your business you fill it with life and energy. You can energize teams, sales, customer experiences, shareholder value and more when you choose to reinvigorate your business.

In our experience, most business owners or department heads know where they are...

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Passionate Pillow Talk of the Customer Experience Kind

a.o.k behaviours Nov 18, 2017

In this post, you will learn from an experience I had when travelling aboard a cruise ship and what to ask if you want similar extraordinary things to happen with your own customers, guests or clients and the experience they have doing business with you.

Not Everyone Can Be Excellent

"Anybody can be a waiter, not everyone can be an excellent one."

That's what our waiter Pepe said as he set down our drinks on the table and arranged the small bowls of nibbles alongside. We were on a cruise a few years ago.

I'd chatted with Pepe to find out a little more about life aboard his ship and one of the answers he gave me included this. And what a great observation too, one which applies to all walks of life.

"Anybody can be a .......(insert your own job title here), not everyone can be an excellent one!"

We met Pepe when we spent five days aboard MSC Fantasia, the then recently launched flagship of Italian cruise line MSC Cruises. The trip was partly a holiday and partly...

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Don’t Be Boring, Dull And Lifeless! Put On Those Pink Gloves And Start To Be Remarkable.

behaviours creativity Oct 28, 2017

With the explosion of business reality shows like Dragons Den, The Apprentice, Natural Born Sellers, The Restaurant, the list goes on, we are increasingly using clichéd phrases and Metaphors in our workplace to the extent that they can become rather irritating and be quite honest a bit of a bore! 

I should not complain completely as in the past I have “possibly” used quite a few too! However, I feel the time has come to ‘reinvent the wheel’ ‘yes’ another mundane cliché  I hate!

A Great Customer Experience Requires This

A great customer experience requires creativity and the ability to stand in ‘The Customer’s Shoes’ – whoops, here I go again! Here are a few of the idioms I have found just by surfing the web in ‘my cubicle’ which is my office, for 20 minutes (all will be revealed later!).

"Thinking outside of the box, touch base, customer centric, go to market, going forward, blue sky...
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