Microlearning is Buzzing

Microlearning is taking off because technology enables it and learners want it.

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Why Everyone Is So Excited About Microlearning

It offers the following...

  • Micro-content is affordable to create, easy to deliver, and quick to digest. Topics can be designed, developed and delivered within hours.
  • Short, crisp, engaging content used as part of lengthier training sessions designed to support long-term business goals.
  • Performance support to help reinforcement, such as supplementary training courses which can be accessed whenever required.
  • In the moment job aids to help overcome challenges as they arise or ones that can be prepared for later in the day e.g. a performance appraisal.
  • Self-directed learning which allows learners to access courses at their own pace. For instance, playing videos on specific topics related to a topic of interest which could be a Ted Talk, YouTube video or corporate product video.
  • A means to change behaviour. Microlearning changes learner behaviour as they interact with each piece of content continually, making behaviour change a career-long journey of self-improvement. Just as we all use the Internet to search for products online before we visit a store.
  • Covers different topics, catering to diverse learning objectives. For instance, a short video accessible on a mobile device can be used for employee onboarding, leadership development for the company’s managers or re-engaging the sales teams.
  • A pool of microlearning resources is used to serve different training scenarios. Content can be collated that is used multiple-times in multiple ways as it can be continually repurposed providing greater ROI.

According to a recent survey, 72% of retail employees want training that is faster, more convenient and more frequent. A further 88% of retail employees want training that is more fun and engaging

Microlearning is the perfect solution.

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Multiple Platforms to Choose From


The need for microlearning has exploded along with the number of platforms able to author and host your content. 

Let us help you decide on the platform that suits you best and avoid costly mistakes. We’ve collected a comprehensive list of the best microlearning platforms out there. This list will help you discover and narrow down your choices for microlearning software that best suits your exact training needs regardless of the project you have in mind or the type of business you are in.

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Let Your People Teach

Microlearning paves the way for your own people to become the teachers.  Nobody knows your company's processes or policies better than your existing workers. Leverage that expertise by getting them to create their own micro lessons.  Learners will be more engaged when they can relate to both the lesson and the teacher. Learning will become even more effective when your people teach.

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Rapid Content Development

Microlearning lends itself to rapid content development. By adding video, audio, rich graphics and text we can quickly develop your microlearning content within a few hours. Learners get going faster, you get results sooner.

Use microlearning to create quick “booster” style lessons to update staff on new products, practices, policies and procedures.

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