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     Six Reasons to Turn Your Book into an Online Course

  • Additional Revenue: An online course can provide an additional revenue stream for authors beyond book sales.
  • Increased Engagement: Online courses allow authors to engage with their audience more profoundly and create a more interactive experience for their readers.
  • Repurposing Content: Converting a book into an online course allows authors to repurpose their existing content in a new format and potentially reach a new audience.
  • Enhanced Authority: By creating an online course, authors can position themselves as an authority in their field and further establish their expertise.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Online courses can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, providing greater flexibility and scalability for authors to reach a wider audience.
  • Community Building: Online courses offer a chance to build a community around the content, where students can interact and learn from each other, and authors can gather feedback and insights from their readers.

Dramatically Increase Your Revenue Per Customer With a Course

Book sales typically generate revenue through royalty payments, which are a percentage of the retail price of each book sold. Royalties can range from 7-25% of the book's sale price, depending on the publisher, the format of the book, and the author's contract.

In contrast, online courses allow authors to earn revenue through various channels, including course fees, subscriptions, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. Online course revenue potential can be much higher than book sales because authors can charge a premium for the expertise and value they provide.

For example, authors can charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a comprehensive online course, while a book may only sell for $10-20. Additionally, online courses can be sold and promoted to a global audience, increasing the revenue potential even further.

Ultimately, the revenue potential for an author depends on several factors, including the topic, format, quality, marketing, and pricing of the book or course. However, online courses offer authors more flexibility and higher earning potential than traditional book sales.

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How We Help Authors

The cost of converting a book into an online course can vary depending on several factors, such as the content's complexity, length, and the type of media used to deliver the course material.

If you plan to create the course yourself, the main costs may include the online course platform subscription fees, website design and hosting fees, and any equipment or software required to create the course material (such as a microphone or camera).

Suppose you plan to outsource the work to a professional. In that case, the costs will depend on the type of service you require, such as content development, video production, website design, or project management.

Here are the key areas we help authors with.

People creating white idea word on table


We help you plan out your course, identify your ideal student, research and validate your course idea, review pricing options and the value you can offer to your students as well as what type, of course, you should offer.


We help you design your course to create an engaging learning experience that delivers on the promise you make to them. This stage involves mapping your curriculum, including lesson objectives, lesson activities, student resources and the most appropriate media and method to deliver your content.


We help you turn everything planned and designed into tangible elements that students will use and learn from so they are ready for publishing to your students in your online course.


We set up your course platform, whether it's for a basic MVP to test the concept or a full-blown business website ready for a full-scale launch so that you have everything ready as a done-for-you service, key in hand, ready to go live.



We can develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, including email marketing, social media promotion, affiliate partnerships, paid advertising, and leveraging your existing network and audience.

The Proof Is in the Praise: Discover What Our Customers Love About Our Services

Here are a few examples of customer feedback on our book-to-course conversion services.

James Garrity

Employee Rights Lawyer and best-selling author of "10,000 Depositions Later"

"If you are looking for an expert on digital products and creations - websites, courses, you name it - Mark Gregory is literally the only name you will ever need. He did not ask me to leave feedback, and I often don't, but his work was so vastly superior that there was no way I could close this project without sharing my thoughts about his expertise. He has without question been my most successful freelance hire ever. He is extremely knowledgeable. He is lightning fast to respond. He is patient, understanding, intuitive, and full of great ideas that you have never thought of. I had all kinds of very specific ideas about the project in question, and Mark taught me, as we worked together through the project, about the value of my own ideas but, more importantly, the value of additional ideas he had that never crossed my mind. I have lots of specific ideas, but I had absolutely no idea how to implement them. That is where Mark came in. He quickly became the architect of the entire project, which was to create a digital course online from absolute scratch. During the initial conferral, we discussed the ideas at length, and it quickly became apparent that he was the leading expert in the field. He was familiar with, and expert in, every component of course creation, and in the technical equipment (microphones, lighting, teleprompters, software) and in the overall look and feel, which is such an intangible quality that you've got to have a leader in the field to get it right. Customers of your courses will not stay, or come back, if it isn't right the first time they visit or sign up. His work was excellent across the board, and I can't recommend him any stronger. Mark, thank you so much for everything".

Greg Warner

CEO MarketSmart

Mark is a true pro. He is exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable. We would not have been able to develop and launch our online training course without him.

Tony Nicholson

Author, Actor, Fitness Guru and author of
"Core Health"

It took me some time to decide on building an online course. I saw dozens of providers and Mark stood head and shoulders above everyone. Mark is FIRST CLASS in everything he does and his passion to help you deliver an outstanding online course is wonderful. Mark is incredibly knowledgeable and by far the BEST. It was a great privilege to work with Mark, and I highly highly recommend him. Looking forward to more projects in the future. Thank you so much, you are INCREDIBLE. I am grateful to have met you.

Athir Hassan

School Management Consultant and author of "Managing the Classroom"

Fantastic job! An absolute pleasure to work with and learn from a real expert. Mark is an absolute legend! I am so fortunate to have found such an experienced professional with great expertise in this field! Thank you

Key Steps for Turning Your Book into an Online Course

  1. Define Learning Outcomes: Identify the key concepts and learning outcomes of the book and determine what skills or knowledge readers should gain from the course.
  2. Break Down Content: Break down the book's content into smaller, more digestible chunks that can be presented in a course format. Organize the content into modules, lessons, and activities.
  3. Develop Course Material: Create course materials such as videos, slideshows, handouts, and quizzes that align with the learning outcomes and content of the book.
  4. Design User Experience: Develop a user-friendly experience for the online course, including a clear and engaging layout, navigation, and progress tracking.
  5. Choose an Online Learning Platform: Choose a suitable platform to host the course, such as Udemy, Teachable, or Kajabi.
  6. Promote the Course: Develop a marketing plan to promote the course to the target audience, including social media, email marketing, and other advertising channels.
  7. Launch and Evaluate: Launch the course and monitor student engagement and feedback. Evaluate the course's effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments to improve the learning experience for students.

Bring Your Book Alive and Integrate Course Content

  • QR Codes: Include QR codes within the book that readers can scan with their smartphones to access the online course content.
  • In-Text Links: Embed links within the book's text that readers can click on to access additional online course material.
  • Companion Website: Create a companion website for the book that includes the online course material and additional resources.
  • Pop-Up Boxes: Use pop-up boxes within the book to provide readers with additional information and links to the online course content.
  • Dedicated Course Section: Include a dedicated section at the end of each chapter or book that directs readers to the corresponding online course module or lesson.

By integrating an online course into the book reader's experience, authors can offer a more immersive and engaging experience for their readers and provide an opportunity to deepen their understanding and engagement with the content.

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