What is the Best Kajabi Membership Theme?

This is a question we frequently get asked. And like so many "what's the best" type questions, the answer often depends.

Knowing exactly how the membership site operates in Kajabi and what features the theme needs to have is necessary to be prescriptive and choose one theme.

The Momentum and Premier themes are the ones that offer the most flexibility straight out of the box. These are easy to customise the look and feel. So branding requirements, typography, and language are easily met with either of these themes.

However, they have limitations if you want to offer a personalised member experience inside your Kajabi site.

For example, the sidebars remain the same throughout the membership product in both themes. In other words, you cannot have different sidebar elements appearing at different stages of the membership experience or course. 

You might wish to display a personal message to your member based on their progress or activity within the course or membership product.

Or you might wish to show different pieces of content such as images, calls to action, or downloads at different points in the member or student journey.

Or you may want to have the sidebar display different tutor/instructor bio pics depending on your student's lesson and who is presenting in the lesson videos.

You may want to display different offers in the sidebar based on what the member currently owns so that you can cross-sell to every member or student based on previous purchases.

None of these options is available to you in any standard Kajabi themes.

But it is possible.


How to Filter Member Content in Kajabi

Another question Kajabi clients often ask for is the ability to sort the content they have published so that members or students can quickly filter out and "favourite" lessons or videos.

For example, let's say you are a fitness instructor and publish new content weekly to your members. By filtering your content inside your Kajabi membership theme, your students can quickly locate content based on criteria they find helpful.

Wouldn't it be great if students could select their exercise videos based on exercise duration, exercise type, with/without equipment, body area, etc., and then be presented with a short list? Or be able to go and rewatch their favourite exercises?

Straight out of the box, you need more than the standard Kajabi membership or course themes to do this.

But it is possible to have this flexibility and improve the membership or student experience.

It just needs some work on the Kajabi theme's code.

You don't need to have Kajabi's Pro Plan, which allows you access to the code editor. You just need to work with a Kajabi theme developer with access to the code editor.

Which, by the way, we can do for you!

We work on your theme, develop the features you want and then upload your theme into your Kajabi account, making sure it functions as you want it to and show you how to change settings so that you can make changes without being reliant on us each time you want to add filter criteria.

And the same concepts work for Kajabi's landing pages too.

The image below shows a snapshot of a module/category inside a Kajabi membership site where members can quickly filter their content by selecting one or more of the filter criteria on the left. Want a recipe for lunch for 3 - 4 people or breakfast for 6? Or how about soups?

With the filtering system, it's a super easy and fast way to access content on your Kajabi membership site.

So the next time you hear yourself saying, "I wish I could do ......" inside your Kajabi membership site or on a landing page, let us know, and we'll happily explain how we can achieve it for you.

Contact us at [email protected] or use the contact form here.




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