Line Up, Line Up - Get Yourselves Sorted Out

free activities Jun 07, 2018

This is a short and simple (can be made more difficult) group challenge that asks participants to arrange themselves in a line according to certain criteria.

These criteria can be anything you choose for fun such as height or colour of shoes. But they have to arrange themselves without speaking to each other.

This energiser not only gets the blood flowing but it also promotes non-verbal communication and teamwork.

Use simple versions in early stages of group development and more creative and complex ones to challenge more established groups or teams.

Step 1

Give the group the task of lining-up in order of height (tallest-shortest) without talking or making any non-verbal sounds.

Step 2

Repeat the challenge two or three times with more challenging tasks that get progressively more difficult. For example:

  • Line up by hair color or eye color (lightest-darkest)
  •  Line up by date of birth (oldest-youngest)
  •  Line up by where you were born (farthest-closest)
  • Line up based on distance from where they live and their workplace (farthest-closest)

Make it More Challenging

To make this activity even more challenging blindfold the participants. The group will then need to use physical touch and or clapping to solve the task. But beware this approach will take up much more time and warrants some reflection time at the ed to discuss experiences and to reflect back on how this applies to the workplace.

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