How to Transfer Your WordPress Blog Posts to Kajabi in 4 Easy Steps

kajabi wordpress Dec 04, 2021

If you are looking to migrate your WordPress blog posts content to Kajabi, it's not as quite simple as exporting all your posts and media into a file and uploading them into Kajabi.

It is more tedious than that. In this post, I share with you the four simple steps to go through to transfer your posts successfully.

Step 1 - Redirect People to Your Kajabi Site

Whilst you are beavering away transferring content from your old website to Kajabi it's worth setting up a static home page on the old site to be used to point people to the new home of your business and its content. That way any traffic you get can see what's taking place and hop over to the new site. You can then carry on working behind the scenes.

Whilst you transfer things from WordPress to Kajabi, there is a chance that someone will click on a deleted or draft post. When this happens, the posted visitor will see a 404 page on your WordPress site. I recommend putting a message on this post that redirects people with a link to your Kajabi site. If you do not know how to edit your 404 pages on WordPress, then search on Google, and you will find lots of useful posts.

Make sure that you explain the move you are making and have a link to your Kajabi site. Here's how to edit your 404 pages in Kajabi by the way. You don't need to do it for this transfer process, but the help article tells you about 404 pages and how to edit yours in Kajabi.

Step 2 - Review your WordPress Data

Look at your Google Analytics and see which posts have been the most viewed. These are the ones you need to treasure and are on your must-have list to transfer. If you don't use Google Analytics, then see if your site has any other data capturing plugins that are doing the job.

Also, look at which posts have had the most user engagement with comments or likes. Again keep these on your must-have list. Now use this data to guide you in which of the remaining posts you should transfer.

If you only have a handful of posts and you are happy with the relevance and quality of your content, then it makes sense to keep them all. But if your posts run into the hundreds, then it's wise to narrow things down and consider which posts are worth having.


Because over time, the content may have become less relevant, outdated or no longer represents the content type you now need. Also, over time, your writing style will develop and your audience change. Consequently, you will have content that will not serve your new Kajabi site and the people it is intended for.

Step 3 - Delete or Draft

Remove any time-related content. There is no need to keep posts related to specific events that have been and gone. For example, that post you wrote two years ago to advertise an event you were holding.

As you work your way through your posts be ruthless. If it's no longer of value, then delete it there and then. This quickly eliminates redundant posts.

If you are going to keep it, then unpublish it so that it is in draft status. This makes it easier to know what's to be copied across to Kajabi when you get to that stage.

And when in doubt, chuck it out.


Step 4 - Create Your New Posts in Kajabi

Basically, the process to follow for each post-migration is this:

  1. Create a new Kajabi blog post.
  2. Open the draft version of one of your WordPress posts that you are copying across.
  3. In WordPress click the link that says "Edit as HTML" which will then allow you to copy all formatting, styling and links etc. 
  4. Select and copy all the content.
  5. In your new Kajabi post enter the code editor by clicking this icon "<>".
  6. Paste all the content you copied from the WordPress post into the code editor.
  7. Click OK to close the editor. Save your post. Your post will still be unpublished at this point. Leave it like that as there's more work to do.
  8. Now tidy up the SEO settings of your Kajabi blog post. Here's a useful Kajabi article. You can either tweak the settings, leave them as they are or write new ones.
  9. Next, replace the images in the Kajabi post. When you copied across the WordPress post content, you also allowed Kajabi to pull in the photos from your old website, and these images will now display on your Kajabi post.

    That's fine until you eventually close your WordPress site down. Then the photos will no longer show because they will no longer exist. Kajabi will be looking for these images, but they will not be there because you killed your old WordPress site.

    To get around this, you need to add these images or alternative ones as uploads into your Kajabi post. The best way to do this is to either save all your images from your WordPress site onto your computer and then upload them to the Kajabi posts. Or, obtain the link to the image which is now showing in Kajabi.

    Do this by right-clicking on the image, copying the image address, deleting the image from the post and then uploading a version of the image via the Link URL option. This time the image is embedded in your Kajabi post as an uploaded image, not one showing from another site. 

    If you want to use completely new images then either go for a paid service such as or one of the many free sites such as or
  10. Next, preview your blog post, and if all is OK, you are ready to publish the post. Decide whether to publish it immediately or use the same publishing date from WordPress or set an earlier or later one.

That's it. Job is done!

How long should it take to complete each post? I allow 10 minutes to copy and republish each post. This will allow you time to replace the images as I've described above and to tweak your SEO settings. 

We have migrated dozens of WordPress sites to Kajabi for clients and 10 minutes is a comfortable time to allow. If you use that figure, you can work out the total time it is likely to take which will help you decide whether it's a task you can do yourself or one that is worth paying someone else to do.


Migrating Your WordPress Website to Kajabi


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