How to Pivot Your Business Offer to the Online World

course design kajabi tips Apr 12, 2020

OK we're in this together. We're all having to reinvent everything we do. 

"We're going to have to cancel this" is being said by millions of trainers, coaches, and consultants around the world.

Pre Covid19 their schedules for the year looked good. Cashflow projections were realistic. Funding in place for growth and business development.

Then lockdown country by country!

Unlike the 2008 financial crisis, we can't ride this one out just by doing less of the same. This time we all need to pivot and respond to a new world and a new way of doing business.

Pivoting your offer to an online customer now takes precedent so tools that mean you can quickly build your offer and harness simple but powerful technology tools quickly are essential.

None of us can afford to wait months to check out what's possible, do endless research, invite providers in to tender and pitch us.

We need to turn things on in a matter of days, not months.

Speed of response is critical.

Thank heaven for tools like Kajabi that enable us to build and pivot in record time.

Solopreneurs like trainers, coaches and consultants have a unique advantage to serve the world. We're agile. 

All you need is an idea to start executing a new course, membership, or digital product. Now is the time to pivot. Not out of desperation but as a new way of growing your business.

So what’s the right move for your business right now?

You have three approaches:

1. Create new products that serve your customer’s current needs

This can be taking an existing product such as a course, service or book and delivering its benefits through a digital experience instead. For example one of our clients,  Tanya Fitzpatrick, trains yoga trainers and health practitioners in advanced techniques. But with her these classes in locations across the globe from Eire to Bali to Australia and the US she needed to pivot and find a new way to serve her clients.

Tanya turned to us to help her take her experience online and deliver foundation courses in somatic movement education online as the Covid19 crisis began to take hold in Bali and Australia. Within a couple of weeks, she had her first-course developed, published and achieving sales.

If you are a yoga teacher, sports trainer, physiotherapist or personal trainer and want to develop your skills online whilst locked down then take a look at Tanya's course here.

2. Discover a new audience

The Isle of Wight Tuk Tuk Company couldn't have found a worse time to launch their new business if they'd tried. Launched in December 2019 the novel business idea created a mass of media interest across the southern coast of the UK. The business is operated by island resident and entrepreneur Scout Gregory and his wife, graphic designer Kayleigh.

The couple planned to operate private hire, tours, weddings and event hire with their beautiful Tuk Tuk. Everything was going so well but within months of investing their lives savings, lockdown closed the doors to any chance of the business continuing. 

But, the innovative idea also created lots of interest with others about how to start their own business running tuk-tuks. The couple had found a new audience so while their touring business is on hold as lockdown continues in the UK, they turned to us to help them create and sell their own course on "How to Set up and Run Your Own Tuk-Tuk Business."

3. Bridge the physical world with the digital world

If in-person meetings are critical to your business you’re likely scrambling to move your audience online. Social distancing makes it very difficult to have the usual social contact we thrive on. It means you have a captive audience.

The challenge is finding new opportunities to bridge your existing in-person audience to the online space. 

For Geoff Vautier an accountant and financial director, he needed to find new ways of serving clients in the digital world as the lockdown put a hold on in-person meetings. Whilst Zoom and Skype go some way to bridging the gap they can fill every void.

Geoff needed a way to get his expertise to his community. His expertise is in the area of helping businesses to charge more, make more money and still keep their customers. Within a few weeks, we had built his new website and designed his first online course using Kajabi. A week later we then published two other service offers including a coaching program and a 1:1 mentoring program which bridge the physical world with the digital one.

Offering special reports on a monthly subscription as well as selling pricing tools in Excel makeup two other offers that have helped Geoff pivot in the Covid19 crisis.

The Time to Pivot is Now

You don't want to be pivoting your business, products or service offers when it's too late. That means avoiding delays.

Tools such as Kajabi allow you to pivot your offer and reach your audiences online rapidly whilst you still can.

If you need help making the turn then contact us on either [email protected] or call Mark Gregory on +447843284310 to for a free strategy call.

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