Brexit Is Going to Test Your True Leadership Skills. How Prepared Are You?

Honestly, does anyone really know what's going on with Brexit? Or what the outcomes are going to be? Talk about uncertainty!

Whatever the deal, whatever the outcomes, change is coming and in times of change and uncertainty is when true leaders step forward to do their part.

This post should resonate with you if you lead a team, a small business or a large organisation employing thousands. What should you be doing to help your 'people' prepare for change and to steady the unease that most of your employees will be feeling?

Read on and let's explore some ideas and then some actions you can take now.

Do Not Wait for the Deal to Act

Waiting to know what the deal will be, only delays action. Some actions and plans have to wait. You need to know what's on the table, what's agreed and how this impacts you. But other actions can be taken and in particular to those that relate to how your employees are feeling about the uncertainty of their jobs, their futures both in the...

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