Our Encounter of 'Amazing'. A Lexus Launch

c.e.x stories Nov 20, 2017

Popped through our letterbox the other day came our invite to the launch of the new Lexus GS at our local dealer. As I opened and read the information inside it read

"You can expect the very best of Lexus hospitality, with delicious food and drink to tempt your palate... and some unusual twists to the entertainment, as part of your opportunity to ENCOUNTER AMAZING. If you think all executive cars are much the same, you're about to be amazed."

With this tempting news I promptly filled out my details and popped the leaflet back into the post box, diarised the event and eagerly waited for the day.

The day arrived, my daughter decided to come with me, so dressed for the premium occasion we drove to the dealership in our car (not a Lexus by the way). On arrival at the entrance to the forecourt of the said dealership, we were surprised to be met by a gang of men huddled together.

Men in Black

These men were stood around all in black; one asked me to wind my...

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American Hunter Kills BMW Customer Service Agent

a.o.k stories Nov 19, 2017

This post describes a recent experience I had which falls outside of the norm and one which on the face of it I would have expected to have been resolved fairly easily. The resolution came from a completely unexpected source. Stick with me on the post title - nobody was hurt in the exchange at least not physically although the reputation of one brand was damaged in my eyes because of the poor customer experience I had. You will also learn about the three key ingredients that drive a great customer experience.

The Scenario

My cherished BMW convertible spends its time garaged most of the year in our holiday home in SW France. It's the ideal car for touring whilst on vacation enabling passengers and driver to enjoy balmy evenings with the roof down. However it has a fault that has developed where the tyres aren't lasting as long as they should and so need replacing more frequently than the norm.  

A visit to my local French BMW dealer is about an hour away and without the use of a...

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