How SEO Blogs Can Boost Your Business

If you have a website or course, adding SEO blogs to your platform is a great way to show you're actively engaged in your topic and have a voice to trust. It’s also your chance to bring in new customers. 

We’re all familiar with SEO blogs, even if we don’t know it. From how-to guides to reviews, I guarantee you’ve read one recently. Here are some top tips on why and how you should use SEO blogs in 2024:

You Can Bring in New Customers

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means the content has been written to rank as high as possible on Google. 

With SEO blogs, you open the door to new readers and website visitors! For example, imagine you’re a life coach for men. And someone searches “How can I find purpose in my life in my 30s?” on Google. If you have a blog ranking high on Google on the topic, they’ll click on it and find your site. 

There in the blog, they’ll be given engaging advice but also get drawn into finding out more! And guess what, you’re a life coach, so now they’re in the right place and they already trust you! So they click ‘Get Started’. 

Apply this to any business and you get the idea. 

Use a Human. Not AI!

Be warned, though, that the blogs need to provide Google, Bing, and (most importantly) the reader with some value. 

Google is cracking down hard on AI-written articles because they provide nothing of new value. AI just rehashes old content and is often not suitable for the general public.

A human writer provides far more value for Google and the reader, as they’ll put together dozens of sources and real-life experiences. They’ll also be able to fact-check and write it as a human wants. 

Just look at the source I provided on Google cracking down above. It’s the extra mile that a human goes that separates it from the rest. And a human wants a writer it can trust right? Especially if they’re considering buying from that writer later.

You’ll Get Return Customers

Weekly or monthly blog posts are also a great idea to engage existing or prior customers of your service. The blogs can provide new updates on your niche or updates on where your business is going. 

For example, I previously wrote weekly SEO blogs for a solar company. They were critical in boosting sales, as customers would get advised on new tech updates. So when it was time for some new panels or a new solar battery, guess who they called?

Readability Is Crucial!

Google’s March 2024 update is also proving that readability and UX design are crucial. While UX (User Experience) is reliant on your web designer, the readability is focused on your writer. 

Think structuring. The type of words used. Headers and Sub-Headers.

Huge paragraphs stacked with SEO keywords just aren't going to cut it anymore. 

Where Can I Hire a Creative Copywriter?

You might find taking these steps a step too far out of your expertise.

Fear not, that’s normal.

Expert content writers have been doing this for years and have a unique knack for a memorable copy.

You can find content writers online, but we urge you to look for:

  • Experience
  • Creativity
  • Research skills
  • English Native speakers
  • Non-AI writers

We have an in-house research-focused content writer, who we welcome you to use for your business or courses. 
To find out more about our creative copywriting services, click here

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