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Unlock our world-class digital content, Online or Offline Courses, Workshops, Breakout Sessions, Skill Refreshers or Training Content. Our expert help will support your goals, business and audience.


Online or Offline Training That Helps Our Clients Achieve Their Learning Aims.

"We are behind you, every step of the way"

We have spent our whole career collecting and sharing knowledge and techniques for improving the delivery of training. So we are experts in the best outcomes for our learners.

Whether your delivery is face-to-face or live-online, we are here to help you.

Do you want to transform existing PowerPoints into digital content or create something entirely new? We create engaging and online or offline learning and work closely with you to ensure your custom program meets your desired learning outcomes. Perhaps you need a workshop and cannot find what you are searching for?

Get in touch and we can create a program tailored just for you!


What We Design and Create for You.


  • Breakout sessions
  • Coaching programs
  • Coaching sessions
  • Experiential learning events
  • Workshops
  • Induction / orientations
  • Online courses
  • Short skill refreshers
  • Team building workshops and events
  • Training events


This is how we want our customers to feel

Very focused and helpful. Very good collaborative approach. Excellent communications and great clarity. Completely delivered on the project as promised.

Fantastic job! Absolute pleasure to work with and learn from a real expert.

Mark is an absolute legend! I am so fortunate to have found such an experienced professional with great expertise in this field! Thank you.

Mark is a very knowledgeable and an excellent professional, his expertise is very extensive and he has the ability to guide the conversation to make the most of it. Very happy working with him, I definitely recommend working with him!

AWESOME!!! Thank You Very Much For Your Help Mark!! Much Appreciated

Khenis Osarian


Khenis Osarian


Mark was instrumental in helping develop the Customer Experience programmes at BMW Group UK. He is thoughtful and clever in designing solutions that combine strategic aims with the needs of the ‘person on the ground’ – basically, he knows his stuff. If you want a solution that works and provides clear business differentiation, he is someone you should talk to. As a Consultant he operates from a position of trust, integrity and partnership. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark.

Having worked with The Customer's Shoes in Balfour Beatty WorkPlace, I have been extremely impressed with their experience and skills to design and deliver customer experience programmes. They have the ability to facilitate workshops at any level of the organisation, whether it is top level management or customer facing staff.

Cheryl translated the strategies and goals of our club, in relation to the delivery of the customer experience, into a very balanced and insightful workshop on this critical area of our business.

Each activity during the workshop was well thought out, supported with the relevant learning aids, and well positioned to challenge the team and help draw conclusions and commitments to take back to our workplace.

The feedback from the team regarding the sessions they have attended has been extremely positive.

The importance of being
'Beside you every step of the way'.

We have all been there. We set a goal, and then a few weeks into our new business ventures, the shine begins to wear off, and the journey becomes more difficult to climb like a steep hill.

By putting ourselves in your shoes, 'The  Customer's Shoes', we are to here to help you every step of the way.
We pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer relationship experience that our clients deserve.



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