How Should My Business Be Preparing Employees for Brexit?

A leadership toolkit preparing your business and your teams post Brexit 2021, so you can minimise the risks and maximise new opportunities that ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

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80% of UK businesses are still unprepared for life after BREXIT. Now that we have left the EU, how can you prepare your business to thrive after the end of the transition period on December 31st 2020?

With the challenge of coronavirus, Brexit might not have been at the forefront of our minds during 2020.  So, how can you begin to prepare your business for our imminent exit from the European Union? 

Many business owners and leaders are being paralysed. Not taking appropriate action. The result is:

  • Unprepared employees.
  • Increased employee stress.
  • Breakdown of team performance.
  • Disruption in organisational culture.
  • Increased risks to the business.
  • Increased staff turnover.
  • Lost business opportunities.
  • Damaged to business performance and shareholder returns.

Prepare For Change and the New Opportunities

The biggest challenge most business owners and leaders face regarding Brexit is UNCERTAINTY.

This causes many to freeze and do nothing. Others to make the wrong decisions. But there is one area you can address and that’s bringing your teams together and preparing them for the post Brexit landscape.

Thousands of business owners, managers and leadership teams are facing the same challenges.

But you can take action even if you don’t know exactly what the deal is going to be.

Employees are waiting for their leaders to take action, to give them confidence and more clarity about their futures.


If you want to be one of those inspiring leaders that prepare their teams across your organisation then you need to be prepared yourself. That's why we've developed an online toolkit and support package called  THE LEADERSHIP GUIDE FOR PREPARING YOUR TEAMS FOR BREXIT.

Mark was instrumental in helping develop the Customer Experience programmes at BMW Group UK. He is thoughtful and clever in designing solutions that combine strategic aims with the needs of the ‘person on the ground’ – basically he knows his stuff. If you want a solution that works and provides clear business differentiation, he is someone you should talk to. As a consultant he operates from a position of trust, integrity and partnership. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark."

Mark challenged at every level from the senior management team to the frontline staff, to ensure that processes were in line with the brand promise. Mark is an expert in his field and as such, builds programmes rooted in best practice.

Awesome experience, one of the very best people I have worked with. Everything exceeded expectation I highly recommend Mark.

Imagine This For a Moment...

  • Imagine your entire organisation working as one to minimise the risks from Brexit and maximise the opportunities to be found. 
  • Imagine inspiring individuals and teams to work together despite their views over Brexit, to reduce any negative impacts and to secure a stronger place in the markets you operate across.
  • Imagine a management and leadership team that is fully engaged, supported by the entire workforce and using Brexit as a springboard for positive, lasting change in your organisation.

Change is coming. How will your teams handle it?

Over 20 Years of Change Management

At The Customer's Shoes we have been helping organisations large and small, change. 

Get fitter, get faster, get more customer focussed and more competitive.  Organisations like Airbus who needed to prepare their teams for change as the organisation was challenged to restructure. And BMW that needed its dealers across the UK to deliver the best customer experience or the Sytner Group who needed its 5000 plus employees to become "famous for delighting". And we've followed a simple 9 step process to achieve it.


  • Understand how to use Brexit as the catalyst to make sound organisational changes following nine proven steps.
  • Be able to use urgency as the driving force behind all the changes you need, aligning employees throughout the business toward a common vision of the future.
  • Create an accountable, diverse group bound by opportunity, strategy, and action to drive change because they are driven to achieve the same goals.
  • Know how to create a post-Brexit vision using the 7 characteristics that make a strategic vision.
  • Be able to build excitement around the big opportunity that lies around Brexit and develop a feeling amongst employees of ”wanting to" vs. ”having to" contribute to whatever is coming.
  • Know how to provide the freedom necessary for employees to work across boundaries and create a real impact by removing barriers that block progress.
  • Know how to leverage quick wins to help you move toward your opportunity.
  • Know how to make change stick and get new behaviours adopted as the way you do things.
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It's a hybrid of content that will help you learn about effective change management and practical tools to use in your business to help you manage the changes you need to make. It's more of a tool kit than a course with full explanations of everything you need to know to follow a 9 step process to successfully manage change.

Take a look inside your dashboard, review the content and then if you find that you are not happy for whatever reason just email us and we will refund the fee you paid.

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