Unveiling the Secrets of 2024's High-Converting Creative Copywriting

What Makes Great Copywriting That Sells in 2024?

Copywriting standards have slipped since the arrival of AI programs such as ChatGPT. Yes, getting words that do the essentials is easier than ever. But, the internet is quickly becoming saturated by AI, repetitive copy. Yawn. You need to stand out.

When it comes to promoting your own business, service or courses online, then you need to get creative.

Imagine your copy is a person talking. If the person says boring and unimaginative things, you’ll forget it quickly.

But, if the person uses memorable phrases and tone of voice, then it’ll stay with you.

Here are some top tips to look for when copywriting:

Memorable Taglines.

Taglines sell the copy. They should be no more than a simple phrase or sentence. ‘I’m loving it’ from McDonald’s, for example, is seared into our brains.

Creating a tagline requires an imaginative brain, from a human who knows the little things that set off our brains. From alliteration to puns, get creative!

Careful Word Choice.

Descriptions should not read like a chore list. This is where you need to engage your feelings and find evocative words. For example, instead of saying a life coach will motivate you, you might want to say, “Our life coach will start the fire within you.”

Carefully Crafted Structures.

Structuring is also crucial. You don’t want the reader to get lost. The messages must come through clearly and in the optimal order.

For example, About Us pages are where you can really sell your passion. It’s easy to write a ten-page essay about your life, but you need to be concise and structure it for impact! How does your experience tie in with what you’re offering? Think carefully and ensure the reader is taken on a journey.

Be Concise

Content is not the same as copy. Content can include long, thoughtful paragraphs and in-depth analysis (like this blog for example).

But copy is all about describing and selling - fast! It must be concise. Don’t make the mistake of using too many words.

Add Some Personality!

Finally, remember that you need personality! Write it in the tone of voice that you feel represents your audience or yourself.

Where Can I Hire a Creative Copywriter?

Naturally, you might find taking these steps a step too far out of your expertise. Fear not, that’s normal. Expert copywriters have been doing this for years and have a unique knack for a memorable copy.

 You can find copywriters online, but we urge you to look for:

  • Experience
  • Creativity
  • English Native speakers
  • Non-AI writers


We have an in-house copywriter, who we welcome you to use for your business or courses. Feel free to contact us today to get started.




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