We Understand It's Difficult to Get to Know Us Online, But Here Goes

We work so you can WOW.

Our History

We started out in 1998 when we launched ourselves in Nottingham, the historic centre for shoe production in England.

Our launch event was at the National Shoe Museum on Saint Crispin and Saint Crispinian's Day. They are the patron saints of cobblers, tanners and shoe makers so it seemed like a good fit (no pun intended).

Mark had a career in L&D in automotive, and Cheryl a background in fashion design and teaching. Helping employees to see that they can make a big difference in their customer's experience is what inspires us.

Helping them stand in the customer's shoes is at the core of what we do.

Our Big WHY

We are passionate about making a difference in the customer arena. Life's too short. You need to do what you care about.

Customers are more informed, they expect more and they complain more when things go wrong. There's ample opportunity to stand out and be famous for delighting those you serve.

If employees feel good, it will affect how they treat customers and colleagues.

Organisations big or small need help to design and deliver memorable customer experiences. We are taking our place alongside them.

Our Guiding Thoughts

There are seven principles that influence the work we do. You might want to see if they ring true with you too.

  1. It all starts at the top. Leaders must have a sincere belief that the customer’s experience is key to long-term success.
  2. Culture drives performance. Developing the right culture is critical for the right results.
  3. You have to work across the board to ensure a rounded approach. No parts of your organisation should remain untouched. Every facet needs aligning with the customer experience you are aiming for.
  4. Successes can be found in how well you get it right when it goes wrong and if done right can create loyal fans.
  5. The employee experience is tightly linked to the customer experience. Winners pay attention to both.
  6. You need to listen and learn from your customers. Having a voice of the customer strategy should form a vital component of your winning game plan.
  7. You must facilitate change throughout the whole organisation. Through effective employee communication, training and engagement. With a robust approach to change management.

Who We Get Excited Working With

We don’t suit every type of client and not every client suits us. And that’s OK. For those we do choose to work with we will do an exceptional job. We are confident they will have no hesitancy in recommending us to others that trust their views.We like the type of clients that are striving to provide the WOW factor for their customers. Those who want to do things using expertise that can bring a creative, quirky yet focused approach.

Stand In The Customer's Shoes

We know you’ve heard the phrase "stand in the customer’s shoes" before. Well we’re the only ones that have made it our business.

Everything we offer, everything we do and everything we provide is based upon this simple principle. Put the customer at the heart of your business.

If your customers deserve better, then take the first step and put yourself in The Customer’s Shoes.

Our Aims

  1. To help you WOW your customers.
  2. To help you develop a customer centred culture where employees are fully engaged and ready to go the extra mile.
  3. To give you innovative, practical and cost effective ways to develop your teams so they deliver STAR performance with their customers.


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