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  • Are you struggling to get ideas from out of your head and into a clear, logical and engaging learner experience?
  • Do all the features, components and terminology within Kajabi overwhelm you?
  • Have you started building your course but haven't got a clear brand message yet?
  • Are visitors unclear about how you can help them and the next steps when visiting your site?
  • Do you need to build and position your authority on your website?
  • Are you failing to build an email list of engaged and hungry subscribers?


If you said YES to any of these questions , then it's time you engaged a Kajabi expert.

Very focused and helpful. Very good collaborative approach. Excellent communications and great clarity. Completely delivered on the project as promised.

Fantastic job! Absolute pleasure to work with and learn from a real expert.

Mark is an absolute legend! I am so fortunate to have found such an experienced professional with great expertise in this field! Thank you.

Mark is a very knowledgeable and an excellent professional, his expertise is very extensive and he has the ability to guide the conversation to make the most of it. Very happy working with him, I definitely recommend working with him!

AWESOME!!! Thank You Very Much For Your Help Mark!! Much Appreciated

Khenis Osarian


Khenis Osarian


Mark was a pleasure to work with. Very timely with the work on a tight deadline, clearly communicated challenges or explain things I did not understand about Kajabi and was very professional. I would work with him again!

Christine Burych


Christine Burych


Mark is a great partner for online courses. Extremely knowledgeable and generous with that knowledge. I enjoyed working with him on my project and will look forward to getting his advice in the future.

Sarah Jones

Research Fellow

Sarah Jones

Research Fellow

Marks feedback was excellent! Timely, friendly and helpful to me in designing my songwriting course.

Kajabi Expert Support Areas

These are the typical areas we can support you in. Needing something else? Then please ask us.

Done For You

We build your site for you. See it as a turn key operation ready to rock your audience.

Picking Up Pieces

We rescue failed projects that others have attempted to create for you but got stuck and failed to deliver on their promise.

Pipeline Creation

Better pipelines mean better results. Get yours built, tweaked or checked.

Course Design

We help you map out your course, mastermind or webinar to optimize engagement and achieve your targets.

Purchase a Kajabi Service Pack

When you need some support with your Kajabi account whether for your website, courses or your membership site, then tap into our Kajabi Support package and buy blocks of service support.

Copy That Connects

Words play a key role in the online sales process. From traffic boosting SEO content to customer converting product descriptions, we can help make the magic happen in your copy.

WP Migration

Save yourself hours of time migrating your WordPress site and content to Kajabi. We'll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Branding Advice

Get guidance before choosing your brand's personality and visual look and feel.

Tweaking Code

For most sites coding is rarely needed but we're here when you need it for that special project.

Who Do We Work With on Kajabi Projects?

  • Authors
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Course Creators
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Corporations
  • Trainers
  • Teachers
  • Churches
  • Speakers
  • Small Businesses

Whatever you role or how you intend to use Kajabi for your business success, we're here to lend a helping hand.

Need Help to Achieve a Specific Kajabi task?

Complete our inquiry form and we'll contact you with suggestions on how we can help you achieve your goals.


I have owned my business for over three years and transitioned from a traveling consultant and trainer to seeking to achieve an online business model. I signed up with Kajabi in May of 2018. For a year I attempted to build my eLearning academy myself and with the assistance of paid professionals that were not familiar with the Kajabi platform.

This turned out to be costly and with absolutely no real progress. In an act of determination to find someone to help me transform my business to eLearning, I posted the job on the Kajabi Facebook Page. Mark Gregory from The Customer's Shoes responded to me promptly as did many others. Mark impressed me with his past work and the obvious proof that he was highly skilled with the Kajabi platform and templates but also his global understanding of the many business models.

He had my academy promptly live within the time frame we discussed, and it was WOW! Everyone in my personal and professional circles was blown away by his creativity and interpretation of my business brand.

I find Mark to be the utmost professional with rapid response and completion times upon request. His fees for service are extremely reasonable for the absolutely stellar service he provides. I highly recommend Mark Gregory and plan to continue working with him for the growth and success of my Kajabi store.


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