All The Tools You Need To Pivot Your Coaching or Training Business to Online Delivery

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CoVID 19 Doesn't Have to Break Your Business

It's easier to pivot online than you would think!

The COVID19 pandemic has impacted coaches, trainers, facilitators, consultants, and their businesses. Face to face work has become difficult and increasingly your clients are looking for safer alternatives. Online delivery is a natural choice.

New ways to work are urgently found. Everyone has become familiar with meetings online using apps like Zoom or Skype. These are now defacto tools, just as using email or Word was a year ago!
You are not alone if you feel challenged by the way you have worked before, and now have a great need to maintain the benefits that have crept out because of lockdown. Pivoting from face to face to online delivery has become a top priority for all our clients.

Thankfully, some solutions make that transition extremely easy to make. We recommend Kajabi as the NUMBER 1 platform for coaches, trainers, facilitators, and consultants that are working toward having some, if not all, of their revenue generated from an online business.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a fantastic 'all in one' tool for online business owners.

Whether you are a coach, trainer or consultant, this is the 'only' software ever needed to start your new business or pivot your existing one!

You can access your website, products, marketing, community and more from a single dashboard. And since everything comes built together, it works together, better!

All your frustrated energy spent fixing tech problems in your WordPress site, or trying to find ways to stitch your Wix site to LeadPages and MailChimp have now disappeared forever!

You can focus that same energy on serving your clients and growing your business.

Key Components of Kajabi

Here are some highlights of what Kajabi can do for your business to change it forever, as a business as a coach, trainer or consultant.


On Kajabi, your website connects everything about your business in one place. Your content, your marketing, your products, and your CRM. Kajabi works seamlessly together so you can focus on your business instead of wrestling with the tech issues. You will have your entire website set up with Kajabi in a few hours. Being able to generate opt-in pages quickly, thank you pages, event pages, about pages, sales pages, checkout pages & blog posts is simple without the need for any code or programming.

Sales pages that sell for you!

Kajabi enables you to build any page you want. In minutes you can have a beautiful and professional-looking page with video, images, testimonials, and a button to purchase your offer inside Kajabi as well. The entire checkout process is also built-in, so there is no need for plugins and complicated setups using other apps. It is super-easy to set up supporting both PayPal & Stripe.

Offers enable you to get paid on your terms

Offers are the way you bill your clients. You can create multiple offers for the same service or product and have different payment plans too. From single payments to multi-payment membership plans, setting up offers is amazingly simple. In less than five minutes, you can create an offer on the fly and send a client a link to the payment page. Fast and simple, a super-easy way to get paid.

Integrated subscriptions, courses, and digital products

Whether you offer short 30 minute courses or lengthy programs over an entire year, Kajabi enables you to build whatever program you want. Everything is made on Kajabi, stored on Kajabi and there is no need to purchase video plans to host your videos elsewhere either, they are all hosted via Kajabi. If you have a physical product to sell like a book or business game, it can manage the process too.

Pages ' anyway' you want!

With Kajabi you can create any page you require and have it fully integrated within your account. Everything is connected to your business platform with no need for apps such as Click Funnels, Lead Pages or Instapages. Whether you need an opt-in page to collect email addresses, the sales page for a course, an event page for your next online workshop or a simple contact page, you can quickly build it yourself with almost limitless design flexibility.

Beautiful emails that build relationships

Kajabi lets you grow, manage, and reach your subscribers with customizable emails. Their new visual builder lets you quickly create and send gorgeous messages that integrate video, countdown timers, automations, and more. Now you really can build strong audience relationships and manage contact details and customr history within your Kajabi account.

Automations that make your life easier

For those of you that want to make your life and business processes even simpler (who doesn't) Kajabi offers automations with their Basic plan and advanced automations with their Growth and Pro plans. Automations is an extremely powerful tool that uses when/then/if logic to help you streamline Kajabi processes and ultimately automate basic actions in the admin. When combined with Pipelines you can automate, and scale your business so you can focus on what fuels you instead. With custom automation triggers and full platform integration, you’ll be able to create personal experiences for your audience without extra effort for you and your team

Automations can be found in:

  • Pipelines
  • Email Campaigns
  • Events
  • Forms
  • Offers
  • Posts

Once you see the power of automations and how you can use them to add superpowers to your business you'll be hooked.

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