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Would You Like to Reduce Your Employee Training Costs?

Training budgets always seem to be tight. So finding ways to make the budget go further is smart, right? Do more with less!

One of the key costs in employee training is course development costs. Whether you contract someone to develop it for you, or you do it in-house there's always a cost. And this can be significant.

We typically budget 10 days of development cost for every day of delivery. So a one day course gets 10 days worth of development time and cost on average.

So there's a risk the training doesn't get designed properly when the budget's not there. One way around this is to use our ready-for-use training course packages.

A complete, ready to use, Customer Experience training program to run in house or for your own clients.

We know how long it takes to develop your own courses from research to design and development. So we've done it for you saving you weeks of work.

We provide everything you need to deliver your own programme immediately. Just add the trainer, participants and the venue and you're ready to go.

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Who This Package Is Designed For

We'll tell you more about who the target audience for the course itself is, further on down the page. But for now this is who the package is designed for.

This comprehensive package is designed for anyone that is responsible for delivering employee training programs and wants to save money by reducing their course development costs.

If you are a training manager, HR manager, team leader, consultant, trainer, workshop facilitator, corporate coach or similar, then this package is for you.

Buying this package benefits you because...

  • You save considerable development costs
  • Can be running a fully tested workshop within days not months
  • You can edit everything to tweak the course for your local needs and add additional components
  • There are no ongoing license fees
  • You can quickly offer a new course for employees or clients
  • You get fresh ideas, insights and ways of delivering engaging sessions

What are the main features of the training course materials?

  • Our comprehensive package contains all you need to deliver a course
  • Your right to customise, edit and modify the content as you want
  • Mix and match the source material with your own content
  • Print-on-Demand ready
  • Unlimited reprinting rights
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Receive all source files in Office 2010/2007 & 2003
  • Stylish design makes these courses stand out from the competition
  • Easily explain complex topics using elegant posters, illustrations, graphs and diagrams included
  • Buy and download in minutes for rapid delivery

Buy the Package. Boost Your Budget.

Everyone wins when you buy ready-for-use courses. You, your budget, your organisation, your trainer and your target audience.

What You Receive in Your Package

A comprehensive package of all the source files you need, ready for use. You can brand the materials and tweak to suit your needs.

Easy to Follow Tutor Guide

We have delivered this progam live ourselves, hundreds of times. Our tutor guide provides extensive details on everything the tutor needs to know.

Editable Source Documents

Every file is supplied in either Word, PowerPoint or Excel format so that you can edit the document wherever you need.

Easy to Use Participant Workbook

Source files for printing your own participant workbooks.

Supporting Visuals

These include slide decks and posters to bring your classroom to life with stunning visuals relevant to the course topics.

Course Route Map

We provide a Course overview document that maps out the learning path. A useful tool for the tutor when planning and running the workshop.

Rich Activity Materials

All the activity materials are supplied so there's no need to design anything. Simply print off however many you need. They are all ready for use.

Pre-Course Work

We've included some simple pre-work to be done by participants prior to the workshop. This engages them in the subject before they attend and is used during the workshop.

Full Support Provided

We provide full support to answer any questions or deeper instructions and advice you might need in using the package.

Who The Training Course is Designed For

OK so now you know who the package is designed for, here's who the course is aimed at.

This package delivers a course designed for directors, department heads, managers, supervisors and team leaders that need to pave the way to great customer experiences from their teams.

Course Overview

The package delivers a two day 'Customer Experience' course, with highly engaging activities designed to challenge current norms and ways of doing business.

The course is made of five discrete modules allowing you to mix and match the content, drop activites out and add your own where and if necessary.

Hundreds of participants have been through this course within our own clients's organisations allowing us to tune the activities so they deliver the optimum learning every time.

Every activity has been run dozens and dozens of times so we know how to maximise the impact of each one.


Participant Feedback

We always love the feedback we get when we run this course ourselves.

"Expected to be bored and totally uninterested in this course, however I found it eye opening and informative. This course shows how easy it would be to create the “WoW” factor. "

"It was a very informative day, that allowed me to think in depth ways of making Woburn better for customers and the better ways to communicate with them. Today has been enjoyable and thought provoking. Feel like I’ve learnt something to make my work a better place to work!"

"Come with an open mind to the concept and the theory’s behind the course. It allows us an insight behind the inner workings of how we are able to influence business and the outcome merely by having the knowledge to power us"

"Today has been a very positive experience that I can honestly say I have really enjoyed. I am learning with some great information to use in my day to day roles in the business. "

"Fabulous course! Very informative and worth listening to – don’t be cynical about what you could take away but be open to everything you could learn."

"Absolutely great and interesting course. I’m sure we are going to use this in practice. I feel absolutely privileged to be part of this course. Big thank you to Mark and Cheryl for a wonderful opportunity to make work a better place. "

Key Learning Objectives of the Course

At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the definitions and meaning of a ‘customer experience’ and the implications for organisations.
  • Understand the context of the landscapes that impact upon the customer experience in the your organisation.
  • State the sensory elements of a customer experience, what emotions drive and destroy loyalty and the financial benefits of loyalty to brands.
  • Know how to build customer loyalty through exceeding customer expectations both tangible and emotional.
  • Assess their team in its readiness to deliver a great customer experience.
  • Suggest strategies for capturing customer feedback.
  • Describe how to keep employees engaged.
  • Know how to empower employees to deliver on the customer experience.
  • State ways to prepare your employees each day to deliver a knock out performance.
  • Understand leadership qualities needed to sustain performance in an organisation.
  • Describe the eight key steps for leading change.
  • Recognise the importance of adopting a holistic approach to developing customer experiences and what elements to check.
  • State the three ‘magic’ ingredients for getting customers to talk about you positively.

MODULE 0 - Opening the Course 

In this module the focus is on the welcome and introductions as well as course overview and a course contract between group members and the tutor on what is needed to make the course a great success.

MODULE 1 - The Customer Experience Landscape

This module covers the changing landscapes organisations face that influence the customer experience, the components of an experience and a framework for considering customer experiences in general.

MODULE 2 - Understanding Customer Expectations

This module covers understanding customer expectations at both an emotional and tangible level as well as the emotions known to drive customer loyalty and those known to destroy it. It also covers a framework for considering any customer experience.

MODULE 3 - One Customer, One Team

Here activities highlight the importance of adopting a one customer, one team ethos which will contribute to delivering a great customer experience. It also covers the three magical elements essential to delivering a memorable and personal customer experience, as well as what employees need to do to deliver a branded experience that meets the customer’s expectations of your brand’s performance.

MODULE 4 - Achieving the Change You Want

We consider the key steps to effective change management and what leadership qualities are required in order to support a culture of ‘customer first’ as well as how to empower employees to go the extra mile for customers.

MODULE 5 - Becoming Customer Centric

This final module gives you practical advice on how to use customer journey mapping tools to assess your customer experience and design more effective journeys. The module also provides you with a 60 point framework for preparing your organisation for an holistic approach to delivering great customer experiences.


Here are a few testimonials from clients who have bought our services and training programs.

"Mark is a trusted and professional designer and deliver of training that can be relied upon to always be ahead of the current thinking in his areas of expertise."

Sarah Baxter
Employee Engagement Manager, BMW

"Mark delivered the 'The Customers Shoes' to all the Sundial staff some years ago and it has paved the way for our us to ensure our staff still truly understand the customer experience and aim to delight them on every possible occasion. An excellent training programme."

Jo Chudley
Director, Sundial Group

"Mark was instrumental in helping develop the Customer Experience programmes at BMW Group UK. He is thoughtful and clever in designing solutions that combine strategic aims with the needs of the ‘person on the ground’ – basically he knows his stuff. If you want a solution that works and provides clear business differentiation, he is someone you should talk to. As a Consultant he operates from a position of trust, integrity and partnership. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark."

Sarah Trought
Learning and Development Manager, BMW

"I have been delighted to employ Mark as a training partner to deliver Management Development Programmes, since 2005. At The Sytner Group, Employee Engagement, Succession and Talent Management are some our key commitments. Mark has worked with me to ensure we deliver on this promise. He is creative, energetic and knowledgeable in his specialist areas of The Customer Experience. Every events he delivers gets exceptional feedback."

Sue Sansome
Head of Learning and Development, Sytner Group

"Mark is an outstanding consultant and is exceptionally skilled in creating customer focused training experiences."

Jonna Sercombe
Founder and CEO, Interactive Workshops


Can I mix and match the contents? Absolutely. Rearrange the content. Add your own sessions. Tweak it for your local needs.

Can I contact you with questions about the content? Certainly. If you need to run something by us before you buy or before you run an activity, just give us a call.

Do I have to renew the license? No way! You only pay once and you can use it as many times as you like.

Can I resell your package? No you can't resell the package as a package or republish parts of it as digital products.


If you have a question that needs answering before you buy, call us now on +447843284310 and we'll help you out. Or email [email protected]



  • All supporting material in editable files for running a two day training course.
  • Unlimited support.
  • Lifetime updates.
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