Less struggle, more profit.

From Fuzzy to Focused: Reinvigorate Your Business and Boost Sales.

Struggling to get motivated and make progress in your business? Welcome to the complete online coaching service dedicated to ambitious small business owners who want to redefine their business vision, gain control of their targets, and finally start making more sales. Customers are waiting for your products or service…

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What if growing your business wasn’t such an uphill struggle?

Making any business succeed takes hard work, motivation, and strategy. But this is particularly true for small to medium size businesses where things are always changing rapidly. It’s no surprise trying to keep on top of everything and get your products and services noticed can feel like an uphill struggle. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Ask any hugely successful business owner what they have done to achieve their success and each one will tell you they have received support to reach their goals – often with direct, personal coaching.

Sports figures, actors, and corporate executives have a coach to help them achieve their best. 

You deserve the same support to help your business thrive!

Imagine how liberating it would feel to finally get tailored support to free up more time and discover the exact next steps to make more sales

  • No more juggling multiple business demands
  • No more worrying about how you are going to reach monthly sales targets, find more customers or cover overheads
  • No more struggling with how to reduce costs and improve profitability
  • No more deliberating over how to sort staff issues
  • No more procrastinating on how to diversify your revenue streams and grow

Mark has worked with me to ensure we deliver on our Employee Engagement, Succession and Talent Management commitments. He is creative, energetic and knowledgeable in his specialist areas. Every event he delivers gets exceptional feedback.

With the right support your business vision and strategy will go from fuzzy to focused...

Imagine: objective, encouraging, motivational support to help you overcome your exact business challenges, gain a clearer sense of direction and achieve more impactful results. And ultimately, bigger profits!

We’re here to be that support

The life of any business has its ups and downs. We know that sometimes it can feel like your climbing a mountain to reach your goals - we’ve been there! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With our small business coaching, we focus on the “bigger picture” of what it is you want to create for your business (and your lifestyle) and help you break everything down into an achievable strategy.

What you’ll achieve with our help

With our program you will:

Redefine and reinvigorate your business vision so that you have clear long-term objectives and exciting company values to help keep you motivated

Uncover your business strengths and shortcomings to help you better set goals, seek help where needed, and remove overwhelm

Design business goals that are powerful, specific, and carefully aligned to your company’s mission and vision

Learn how to track your progress success so you can manage your business to progress faster

Be equipped with new tools and techniques to help you achieve work/life balance so you are more effective in business and personal life

What would it feel like to have someone to listen, understand, and give you honest feedback to move forward?

We discuss what will you keep you motivated to move forward and give you the tools to create a manageable strategy to reach your goals.

We focus on developing YOU to your highest potential, as well as developing your business.

You'll get plenty of encouragement, support, applause and empathy. But we'll call you out and hold you accountable when we can see that you can achieve more or when you're letting yourself and others down.

We know what a personal experience growing a business is and how it impacts every aspect of your life. We help you to discover honest insights into where things aren't working and how to fix it.

From the very first meeting with Cheryl I felt comfortable – we established a good rapport almost immediately and I liked her approach, the vocabulary she used and her positive attitude immensely.

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Inside My Business Coach

With our online training you will get step-by-step, overwhelm-free guidance, coaching and support to tackle whatever issues you determine are your priorities.

Engaging, HD Training Videos

Watch and learn from over 25 premium, high-definition training videos that guide you every step of the way and not only explain what to do but provide the reasoning behind.

All The Tools To Equip You For Success

All our tutorials, guides and practical exercises are specifically designed to get you to (re)think about your business, where it's headed, what's hampering your progress and how to achieve greater success.

Personal Coaching

You get personal support to help you make real progress through each step of the process. You get an initial one hour coaching call, followed by up-to four hours of dedicated, personal email support or you can purchase optional 1:1 coaching calls to discuss your business in more detail.

Nothing is as satisfying as seeing the confidence and motivation of a business owner grow, simply by having time invested in them. Having an experienced business leader to listen on the phone or be there with email feedback and encouragement is invaluable.

Let’s look at the specifics…

We work with you across 7 key areas to help your success – removing both personal and business obstacles currently hindering your business progress (and your confidence).

How we help you make your BUSINESS more effective

This part of our coaching program is split over 4 sections:

1. Your Business Mission and Vision

You will learn how to redefine your business vision so that everything you do will ultimately move you towards your vision – making everything in business easier! You’ll be introduced to a mix of tools and visioning exercises and taught how to generate a mission statement and to begin to put your business vision into action.

2. Reviewing the Current Situation

Together we will review your current business situation including your strengths and shortcomings. We use this information to better inform your goals and drive the direction of any further 1:1 calls you opt for. You’ll be taught how to use proven business analysis tools that can be used again and again to keep your business on track and capitalise on opportunities. You will also learn how to predict and navigate potential business threats on the horizon.

3. Business Goal Setting and Tracking

You will learn how to use a wealth of tools to set powerful business goals that align with the company’s mission and vision.

4. Problem Solving and Decision Making

You will learn how to find news answers to a problem – so you can reduce procrastination and frustration in your business. We will provide you with proven tools to do this that can be used for the lifetime of your business and any other entrepreneurial ventures!


How we help YOU become more effective yourself

This part of our coaching program is split over 3 sections:

5. Personal Productivity, Priority and Time Management

You will learn how to be more productive and reduce stress in your life with better time, action, and priority management. You’ll leave with tools and strategies to make it much easier to manage the multiple, competing demands on a business owners’ time and energy.

6. Personal Effectiveness

We will help you to take a long, hard look at your skill set and see where you could use your strengths more effectively and where some help/change is needed. The overall aim of our program is to make your business more successful, and if YOU are more effective, your business will be.

7. Life Balance and Energy

Let’s face it, if you’re struggling to make a profit in your business then you are probably working overtime to fix it… Striving is our default setting as passionate business owners, but real success relies on a business owner that is inspired, healthy, and working from a place of energy and motivation. It’s why getting your life balance right is CRUCIAL.

In our final part of the program you will learn how to create supportive daily habits, free up more time and energy, enjoy your business more and let go of anything that is not serving you.

It makes me so sad to see business owners struggling… I know what it feels like to desperately want a business idea to work! The reality is most people will give up on their dreams because they simply didn’t get the right support.

Who Are We?

My Business Coach is an online coaching program specifically created for owners of small to medium size businesses and larger brand department heads.

Created and developed by entrepreneurs Mark and Cheryl Gregory, we are co-founders of The Customer's Shoes Ltd.

Together we have over 30 years of experience in leadership, personal development and coaching.

Coaching people at all levels from shop floor staff, to line managers, senior executives to business owners. And delivering programs to unleash the full potential in thousands of people’s lives – helping them to perform better, achieve more, and make their businesses and lives thrive.

With a further background in fashion and automotive, we have spent the last few years uncovering exactly how entrepreneurs struggle and have carefully crafted a coaching solution to relieve their pains and keep precious business dreams alive.

At The Customer's Shoes, we are born adventurers and know the sheer tenacity, passion, and persistence it takes to make big dreams work – in business or in life.

We have never been afraid to make bold choices to create the life and business of our dreams and are passionate about equipping others to do the same!

We currently split our time between the UK and Florence, Italy. Taking our expertise online has been the next step in our business journey so we can fully embrace our love of travel, culture, and reaching people anywhere in the world.

How We Deliver Our Program

Every coachee gets access to a personal transformation ‘dashboard’ so they can easily track and measure their progress, along with:

  • 1-to1 Kickstart Coaching Call to get to know you and your business in-depth
  • 25 lessons that guide you through a proven-process to assess your business and personal effectiveness.
  • Over 25 high-definition training videos that guide you every step of the way.
  • Easy to follow and effective downloadable exercises and templates designed to lead to real change taking place in your business and personal life.
  • Weekly email support to ensure you stay engaged and to help you plan your week, ask questions and stay focused.
  • Audio files to download and listen to offline whilst driving or jogging.

Mark's great mix of qualities ... totally reliable, spontaneous, creative, challenging, detail conscious, innovative, flexible, humour and empathy ... make him sound like a right smart arse ... but he's not. He's just a great guy you can depend upon to do a great job.

How Soon Will it Take to See Results?

You'll start seeing immediate results within your first week. How long you take to complete each activity depends upon how organised you are and efficiently you work. You can approach the program by tacking one step at a time, week by week. In which case you would complete all steps within 7 weeks.

However you have access to the program for 12 months so if you prefer you can spread things out and complete it spreading out your work and choosing to focus on what you want when you need to.

Have any questions: See our FAQs below or book a chat with us.

Or simply go ahead and purchase the program and get started today! You'll get immediate access to your content.



We have two payment options



  • 27 business effectiveness and personal effectiveness tools 
  • Personal progress dashboard
  • Videos and audio
  • Weekly motivational support
  • Downloadable resources
  • Ongoing email support as required
  • 1 x kick-start coaching call

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  • 27 business effectiveness and personal effectiveness tools 
  • Personal progress dashboard
  • Videos and audio
  • Weekly motivational support
  • Downloadable resources
  • Ongoing email support as required
  • 1 x kick-start coaching call

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is The Programme For?
  • It is for owners of small fashion businesses,  and department heads or line managers of larger fashion businesses responsible for staff and budgets.

  • Do You Guarantee That I Will Achieve Success?
  • If you follow the simple, proven process that is presented in this coaching program, you will have all of the tools necessary for creating and sustaining a more fulfilling and successful life. But you have to do the work.

  • Will it Help Me With Other Areas of My Life
  • The program and tools primarily addresses your business effectiveness and your personal effectiveness and the impact your behaviour has on your business. It's not a life coaching program.

  • What If I Have Questions?
  • Your coach is on hand to provide you support as and when you need it. If you have questions at any point you can email him or  ask questions within your dashboard.

  • How Long Do I Have Access to the Content For?
  • You have 12 months access to the content. Once you purchase the program you will be given immediate access to the first week's content and then week by week the next step will be revealed to you. We do this so that you avoid becoming overwhelmed and can focus on making changes week by week.

  • What is Your Refund Policy?
  • We allow you 14 days in which to cancel your order and ask for a refund. Please read the Terms and Conditions for this programme here.

  • Why Coaching Calls and Email Support?
  • Email support gives everyone flexibility and doesn't tie people to appointments for calls. The calls provide a richer, deeper and more effective approach to tackling issues, getting clarity, forming goals and getting inspired. And of course, being held accountable.

  • How Many Coaching Calls Are There?
  • You have one call included in your purchase to use to kick off your program. Then you are free to purchase additional calls as and when you need further support.


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