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Why Schedule a Clarity Call

The point of the call is threefold:

  1. Answer any questions you have about working with us and creating online courses in general.
  2. Be clear on your WHY and what's driving you to want to create an online course.
  3. Understand the best option for you in moving forward.

Who Should Call Us

  • Subject experts that don't have the time to create their own courses but who know the value it can bring them.
  • Businesses that want to use online courses to onboard employees and customers, help with employee development or support their stakeholder communities.
  • Consultants, coaches, and trainers that want to leverage online courses to generate additional income promote their brand and serve a wider audience.
  • Institutions and Trade Organisations that want to offer online courses to serve their community of members.

Who The Call Will Not Help

  • Those wanting to build their courses themselves. 
  • Anyone without a budget to invest to help grow their business.

Our Call Promise

By the end of the call, you'll be 100% clear on what steps to take next to create your online courses.

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