Walk Two Moons

“To understand the man first walk two moons in his moccasins.”

‘Walk Two Moons’ is the process we use to show the range of ¬†opportunities that exist for any organisation to improve its customer experience. We’ve taken the phrase from the Native American saying “to understand the man first walk two moons in his moccasins.” In other words to understand the customer experience you need to stand in the customer’s shoes and experience as best you can what happens as you take their journey.

The primary purpose of the Walk Two Moons process is to gather evidence of what’s actually happening during the the customer’s journey. And because of the way that we do this the result you get is a very clear picture indeed. Clients are often surprised at what they find in their own customer journey’s and also at how small¬†improvements, at little cost can have a big impact upon the customer.

When you Walk Two Moons with us you will receive:


  • Recommendations for change and what the benefit is to the customer
  • Audio/Video/Digital evidence that demonstrates the real customer experience
  • Content that can be used within your employee training courses (there’s nothing like employees seeing it for real)
  • Evidence that can be used in your business case for further improving the customer experience
Contact us to day to talk through how the process works and how we can help. Call us on 0845 5480228 or email measureup@thecustomersshoes.com

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