Your Emotional Footprint

Consumers from every sector are attracted to organisations that, in some way, make them feel good…

Your organisation has a unique feel to it. We call this your Emotional Footprint™ – in other words “what the experience feels like to be a customer or an employee “. Understanding the Emotional Footprint™ you are creating is important as it can be used to understand what needs to be changed within the experience in order to create a positive and loyalty building engagement with your brand.

No matter how big or small your organisation, we can help you assess and define the emotional  motivators that attract and retain employees and customers alike, turning them into raving fans. Once you understand how emotional connections drive people to your organisation or brand, and then make the necessary adjustments to the experience they have with your organisation, you can enjoy watching as customers demonstrate not just behavioral loyalty but attitudinal loyalty too.


Through our Emotional Footprint™ service we can help you reveal the subconscious emotions that truly motivate your staff and those that drive your customer’s behaviour.  We are able to scientifically rank and match these emotional drivers to the features that best connect them to your company, brand, product or service.

Your organisation leaves an emotional footprint

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