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Are you seeking to prepare, educate and equip your managers, teams and individuals ready to deliver great customer experiences?

Connecting the individual performance of each employee with the direct impact they can have on the customer experience is a key part in realising success and ‘paving the way to great customer experiences’.

We don’t just educate, we inspire! We offer a complete set of employee training and development interventions that provide teams and individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes required to enable you to deliver meaningful, engaging and rewarding customer experiences.

A Customer’s Shoes intervention is interactive, highly engaging, motivational and makes it easy for learners to apply their skills and knowledge back in their work place. We design and deliver focused, engaging and fun customer experience training that inspires and empowers employees. We use clever ways to bring out the emotional connection between their experience as participants and that of their customers, so that they see things from a new perspective and with a changed mindset.

From time to time we run open courses but in general our work is bespoke for each client and falls into the broader areas of:

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Every service we offer at The Customer’s Shoes can be specifically tailored to suit the needs of you and your customer so when it comes to costs we will perfectly match your requirements, time-scale and budget. Get in touch for a commitment free chat today by calling us on  0845 5480228


SIZING UP This is all the activity around understanding the internal or external customer and their experience, their needs and expectations.PLATFORM Relating to all the tangibles including product, premises, pricing etcSTRUCTURE Covering the systems and processes you run.STYLE The culture, empowerment, leadership style etcEMOTION The emotional connectivity between your leaders, employees, customers, brand or organisation.EXPERIENCE Developing a continuous experience with your customers beyond their immediate transaction. Maintaining a connection into the future.
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