Attracting Top Team Support

Winning the hearts and minds of your top team is perhaps the toughest of challenges, but it’s crucial. Here’s how to do it successfully.

We know how tough it can be to get senior management buy-in, presenting your case to the top team and having to drive the message home at Project Board reviews. So here are some tips that can help you to make a powerful case.

  • Speak both to their hearts and to their minds. So use information that appeals to their left brain logic, and illustrations that appeal to their right brain intuition and emotion.
  • Use live examples of a poor experience in your own organisation and feedback from customer complaints.
  • Develop a cost benefit analysis that rationalises the good and bad with the associated financial implications.
  • Use the language that appeals the most to your audience and and always remember this…they are also customers (of numerous brands) themselves so it’s easy to get them to step into the customer’s shoes and consider the customer’s perspective. They just need the chance to do so. Nothing is more powerful than seeing and hearing of a real customer experience recorded from within your own organisation’s customer journey to make your audience cringe.

When we help clients deliver the message to the top team we provide a combination of the emotional examples, packed with powerful messages and then assess the impact on the bottom line and cost of change.

We can run in-house Foundation Days to help deliver the message where your own organisation’s customer experience examples are embedded in the content to illustrate the key messages.

Top Teams rarely fail to get the message once they have had the time away from the day to day activities the diaries demand. We find giving them the space, time and distraction free environments allows the pieces to come together. We can provide you with consultant expertise to gather your evidence, deliver in-house Foundation workshops based upon your own organisation’s customers and help with building your business case.

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