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Our team has developed for you a highly valued diagnostic tool that can pinpoint accurately where the gaps are in your organisational alignment.

Take our 60 point assessment online now and our follow up report will guide you in understanding how holistic an approach you need to take when developing world-class customer experiences. We will forward your personal report to you a few days after you complete the assessment. It will take you around 15 minutes to complete.  

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 The 60 questions cover the 6 dimensions of our Customer Experience Cube.

1. SIZING UP     

This area of the assessment relates to all the activities undertaken to understand the customer’s experience, their needs and expectations. Of course the customer can be an internal colleague not just the external end-user or business client. Without understanding through Sizing Up the organisation’s activities may be frustrating the very people it is trying to serve. Organisations must spend sufficient time understanding as much as they can about these areas in order to accurately deliver on current needs and anticipate future ones too.


This area of the assessment relates to all the tangible areas of your organisation. We include within this dimension, products, premises, customer environments, company vehicles, signage, equipment, staff resources, IT etc). The Platform is the stage upon which and within which the customer and employee experience is delivered and experienced. We like to use the analogy of a shoe for the customer experience as only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches  and the Platform therefore represents the sole upon which everything else is applied. If your Platform is inappropriate for the purpose in hand then it puts pressure upon everything attached to it and will in turn impact the customer experience.


The dimension of Structure refers to the systems and processes that operate within your organisation. Like the stitching used in the production of a shoe, your Structure defines how well the individual systems and processes operate and therefore work toward delivering a great customer experience. Your IT systems may operate well for you but actually have a negative impact upon the customer. Your communication systems may frustrate employees which in turn makes it difficult for them to liaise with customers. Your order processes may appear to work but actually deliver a negative customer experience in practice.


Style we consider to be all the elements of your organisation that gives it its unique ‘feel’. This feel will be experienced by both customers and employees and will be unique to your organisation. Where brands are represented by numerous locations across the country each location may be expected to a have a common feel but in reality the feel will be affected by local conditions and factors unique to that location. Style is affected heavily by the owners and managers of the business and ultimately by leadership from the top. The ‘style’ of a shoe gives the shoe its unique appeal.


This dimension relates to the emotional connectivity between your leaders, employees, customers, brand and organisation. How customers and employees feel (emotion) is the result of the interplay from the other five dimensions. Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches and therefore understanding how your customers and employees feel doing business with you is critical.


Our final dimension relates to the activities involved in ensuring the ongoing relationship with the customer and the experience they have is one that builds loyalty into the future. Too many organisations consider only the initial transaction and once the sale has been complete take little interest in developing the potential between one transaction and the next. This dimension also assesses your focus on understanding the return on your customer experiences delivered. By this we mean “how you made your customers feel” leading to a return not only of revenue generated from the sale but also the return of positive word of mouth.

The Customer Experience Cube

Take the assessment.

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