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We have many ways in which we can help your organisation create exceptional customer experiences. At The Customer’s Shoes we aim to maximise the effectiveness of the team and the individual within your organisation through our unique, tailor made training courses and engaging activities. But our services go beyond training and education….

If you are seeking the answers to any of the following questions or have concerns in any of these areas then we would be thrilled to help you address them. These are some of the questions previous clients have asked us to answer:

  • How can I accurately measure what customers think of my business?
  • Where can I find inspiring customer service training that will help improve customer loyalty?
  • How do I convince my senior management team to invest in improving our customer service and focus on our customer experiences within our organisation?
  • How do I reduce the risk of our culture change programme failing?
  • How can we inspire employees to willingly go the extra mile for our customers?
  • How do I achieve a customer focused culture in my organisation?
  • How do I establish a ‘brand academy’ to support our behavioural change needs?

When considering how we can help, we would encourage you to keep in mind the process of buying a great pair of shoes. There is nothing worse than buying a poorly fitting pair that fails to get you comfortably from point A to point B. It’s for this reason that each and every service we offer will be tailored precisely to meet your needs, your aims, you time-scale and your budget – so get in touch now for a commitment free fitting, which is after all, where it begins!

Our Services include:

Employee Training

Through our pragmatic, enjoyable and effective courses we can help you to prepare, educate and equip your managers, teams and individuals ready for the rapidly developing and challenging experience economy that is ahead of you… there is change a foot. Read more about Employee Training.

Strategic Guidance

Sometimes all you need is assistance in realigning your goals and sharpening your customer focus. We can help you define your route ahead with clarity and purpose. We will guide you through our unique strategic model using our Customer Experience Cube which features the six facets key to aligning your business for great customer experiences. Read more about Strategic Guidance.

Research & Emotional Measurement

Do you want to know how you make your customers feel and why this is so important? We can assess and define the emotional drivers that attract and retain employees and customers for life. Discovering and defining people who become advocates for your business demonstrating not just behavioural loyalty but attitudinal loyalty too. Read more about Research & Emotional Measurement.

Net Promoter Implementation

If you are unfamiliar with Net Promoter it is a revolutionary management tool that can help you measure the loyalty of your customers as well as the effectiveness of your customer experience programme. We have closely followed the development of Net Promoter methodology since it’s introduction several years ago by Satmetrix and Bain Consulting and can help you understand the benefits and implications for your business as well as help you to implement the necessary organisational interventions required. Read more about Net Promoter Implementation.

CEM (Customer Experience Management) Tools & Solutions

When you need some tactical support but do not have your own Customer Experience Manager then you can draw upon our range of tools and solutions. We can help you deliver several valuable benefits that will help ensure your customers are at the heart of your business. Read more about CEM Tools & Solutions.

Conference Engagements

Are you looking for inspirational customer experience guidance at your next conference event? We can help you sow your visionary seeds and inspire your people as you embark on your customer experience journey. Read more about Conference Engagements.

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