Our Golden Shoe Awards

Winning service and winning customer experiences deserve to be talked about. They deserve to be rewarded.

An individual, business or brand that delivers great service, great products and a great experience will of course be rewarded over time with loyal customers who become raving fans. But this can take time and in the case where it’s your people or an individual that has led to building a loyal following the reward can get forgotten. So to reward individuals, teams or organisations as a whole for great service or an overall great experience we have developed our Golden Shoe Awards.

Best of the Best

Our Golden Shoe Award celebrates the best of the best. We haven’t any complicated entrance criteria we just award our Golden Shoes when we come across an organisation or an individual that we feel deserves it. So if you experience something that you believe warrants special mention, customer service or an experience that WOWed you then contact us with your story with details of the where, the when and the who and a Golden Shoe could well be awarded to the person or people involved.

We have two types of award – physical and virtual, both can be awarded, both mean the same – recognition for something that WOW’s.


Our virtual awards are delivered across the Internet where the nominated candidate receives a personal message from our chief, a colourful certificate of acknowledgement and entry into our awards Hall of Fame.


We only award these now and again – for special situations where we feel it’s relevant and sensible to meet somebody face to face. ¬†These awards are unique. There are no crystal vases or engraved silverware to be found in our trophy cabinets…just simple ingenuity, creativity and personal attention. Because that’s the essence of a great experience.

Our Golden Shoe Award are lovingly painted miniature shoes painted in-house with a golden lacquer, mounted on a plinth they are sure to trigger all kinds of conversations for the recipient. They are unique pieces that match the unique service experience they are intended to reward.

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