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Does your organisation or business fall into the category of a Small or Medium Enterprise? If so then our CEM Service for SME’s may be just the management solution you are looking for.

With programmes designed to fit your needs perfectly, we can provide you with a dedicated strategic resource that will cost a fraction of the price of a full time Customer Experience Manager or Director.

The service is designed for those organisations that do not have their own CRM/CEM but are committed to putting their customer’s at the heart of their business.

Our role will deliver several valuable benefits:

  • Access to your personal executive coach
  • Knowledge on how to grow your business through the buzz of word-of-mouth and the power of customer advocates
  • An understanding of the principles of ‘Customer Experience Management’
  • Guidance through the key steps to ensuring your experience strategy sticks and succeeds
  • 1:1 mentoring so you can build your own customer strategy and plan of action
  • An understanding of how to employ the Net Promoter customer loyalty guage to drive longterm growth
  • Access to a range of tools and ideas that will enable you to further unlock the potential within your current practices

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