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Every brand has a story, here’s ours…

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From a young age, I had an ambition to be an artist. I was encouraged to always look at the unusual; my eyes open to nature, stories, books, art, theatre, museums, music, travel, fashion and other cultures. My mind always overflowing with ideas, I kept diaries and notebooks wherever I went.

My early years were punctuated with visits to The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, where I spent time being taught and inspired in Art, by its founder Sir Peter Scott, the only child of Robert Falcon Scott – ‘Scott of the Antarctic’

My  love of everything creative stayed with me. Travel is a passion of mine and as a designer I love to capture the World through my camera. I am inspired by people who make their dreams a reality.

I went on to study a BA Honours in Fashion and Textile Design. I have played the trumpet (on board a Cruise ship), Designed for ‘The Mulberry Company’, been a ‘Beauty’ Queen (as in the days of Miss World!), designed ‘T’ Shirts on the Greek Islands, back packed and grape picked in the South of France, walked up Mount Etna in a blizzard, eaten cake in Cafe Florian in the Piazza San Marco in Venice in welly’s, climbed up inside the Pyramid in Giza with the  Egyptian director of Archaeology,  owned a motor bike (Penelope  Pitstop!) and seen a UFO!

After several years in the Fashion Industry and the fast track of life, London was not as fulfilling and glamorous as it had once seemed. I didn’t have the lifestyle that accompanied my career. Designing, although still a passion of mine, was simply not the be all and end all anymore. It was time for something new. That something new came in the guise of ‘four gorgeous children!’ Still hankering  to collect a rich palette of Inspiration to draw upon we moved to the Isle of Wight by the sea, and my days were full of sand castles, ‘sand’wiches, ice cream and fishing nets.

Working as a designer and being involved in the London Fashion Shows, I realised the importance of understanding my customer base. The Catwalk Customer is unique, and likes to stand out from the Crowd, just as the Fashion Industry changes its design collections each season, organisations must provide a constant reinforcement to stage an experience to engage their Customers in a memorable way.

As when designing a new range of shoes, each pattern piece of leather must match exactly, if you want to have a perfect fit and comfort you can wear successfully. This is akin to  Customer Experience in any  Organisation , where every person plays an intricate part in making sure they all work together in perfect alignment to ‘wow’ their Customer base. I took this concept and decided to’ Tailor make’ this idea for Organisations big and small, from the ‘Blue chip’, through to the small store. I used ‘walking in your Customer’s Shoes’ as the theme.

So, The Customer’s Shoes was born! We proudly launched our own unique (and a bit quirky) brand of Customer Service at the National Shoe Museum in Northampton in 2001. Our Company is going from strength to strength, our passion for all aspects of Training and Design Experience being at the very ‘Heart and Sole’ of our business model.

Here at The Customer’s Shoes Ltd, my vision, work ethic and skill exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit and tenacious effort required to succeed & help you in your organisation whether it is in Customer Experience, Design,Training or Development

Having a highly successful track record of developing & delivering tailored project and management our ‘Training Design Studio’ (www.ourtrainingcloud.com) is now an integral part of the skillset I offer Building on the great reputation The Customer’s Shoes has within the marketplace for providing high quality training solutions that deliver tangible results

We believe that any organisation is like a catwalk, where all your products, services and people are constantly on display.  This is why our design and delivery skills, expertise and flair are so intrinsically linked in all we do in Customer Experience, Customer Service and Employee Engagement.

“And no, we don’t know where it will lead. We just know there’s something much bigger than any of us here.” Steve Jobs

And because it isn’t all about work  ……….

These are just a small snippet of the things I adore: Live Music – my eldest daughter see her at www.saskiasays.com, my youngest daughter at Tolly Dolly Posh, laughing with my two daughters until we cry, being able to run! Eating from hand painted plates made by us on the Isle of Wight, digging for dinosaur fossils, eating Almond croissants in Waitrose, heavy rain at night, sunsets over Newtown, my two sons debating over Manchester United and Liverpool! Damien Hurst, Vivienne Westwood and Rembrandt (because they are so cool!) reading ‘Mill on the Floss’ and ‘Thomas Hardy’,discovering ‘Banksy’ graffiti, climbing Mount Vesuvius and watching Son Amar in Palma de Mallorca, Oh.. And Paloma Faith our mischievous kitten!

Oh…and just a little stepping stone on journey’s path, I have lived with ghastly pain in my back since I was 23! Quite an Olympic feat, and I could win the gold medal for bravery.  There is a connection between the pain I have suffered and my business; (interested?) then click this link for more.

Keep inspired,

Cheryl Gregory BA (Hons)

MD and Design Director
The Customer’s Shoes Ltd
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