Client Feedback

We have design innovative, engaging and fun customer experience training that inspires and educates all at once. Central to all of our content is making the training itself an ‘experience’ using the same fundamentals that we cover in the course/workshop content and applying these to the participants’ own workshop.

Our content and its delivery is based upon accelerated and experiential techniques which appeals to all learning styles amongst partiicpants and enables each person to quickly appreciate, understand and remember the key learning points.

We all know how important customer feedback is so here’s some of the comments made by participants in our recent workshops.

“Absolutely great and interesting course. I’m sure we are going to use this in practice. I feel absolutely privileged to be part of this course. Big thank you to Mark and Cheryl for a wonderful opportunity to make our work a better place.”

“Fabulous course! Very informative and worth listening to – don’t be cynical about what you could take away but be open to everything you could learn.”

“I had a great time, fun activities and I’ll change my attitude for sure in going tomorrow with a big smile in my face to work. I really enjoy it thank you!”

“Great experience, it was much better ad useful than I thought I would be. I really enjoyed it. Brilliant, better than expected, enjoyable, creative training course.”

“The workshop was informative, interesting and actively encouraged involvement. Be open to ideas they suggest as they can have a big impact on our general day to day feeling and that of our customers. Enjoy!”

“Fun, insightful, useful. Helped me to remember what it is like to be a customer. Relaxed and able to speak my mind.”

“Fun and enjoyable, an opportunity to be honest, thought provoking. Well presented. Good teamwork interaction.

Very informative. Relaxed and was fun. Mark made course easy to understand. Was well worth it.”

“Very beneficial training. Very engaging and will implement what I learnt today. A very good day!”

“Excellent course that allows you to identify all customer needs and assists you in getting in the right frame of mind to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

“Very stimulating and enjoyable day. I have got so much out of today. It has really opened my eyes and made me look at things from the customer’s point of view. Customer satisfaction is very important for the future of the business.”

“Enjoyable and enlightening, a reflection on u rims, roles and objectives. Encouraging. A very informative day, with lots of useful tools and information for us all to use this season.”


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